Announcement for Marketers | The Marketer

Exciting times…

Introducing our new arrival!

No, it’s not a baby.

Well, not as such…it’s a website (we’re calling it a publication) and we’ve just gone live with our soft launch.

Why on earth would you want to release another website when you don’t even publish regularly one this one?

Great question. I need to do better. It’s the typical scenario of marketers being slack at their own marketing. It’s boring – and I need to prioritise my own work more.

But in the meantime, let me introduce you to The Marketer and maybe you’ll forgive me.

I’ve joined forces with a local Social Media agency owner and birthday twin, Clayton from Smith Social to bring you The Marketer.News

Now I hear what you’re thinking, why would you team up with a competitor? 

Why indeed!

Well why not?

Anything we can do successfully in our separate lives we can smash if we get together, right?

Plus there’s MORE than enough businesses who need our help than we could possibly ever service alone. It’s called an abundance mentality, but before we get all woo-woo – let me tell you the story…

The Marketer was kind of a natural progression.

We liked getting together and talking about Marketing and found the recurring theme was “what does great marketing look like” and it turned out we agreed on enough to keep it fun – and disagreed enough to keep it interesting.

And it wasn’t just digital marketing – we wanted to cover all marketing, not just our specialties but old school marketing theory, print media, out of home, TV, email…everything!

But both our company blogs are written for business owners and people learning to DIY their marketing, so we needed something new.

We looked around and there wasn’t much out there covering great marketing campaigns and executions, especially that pertained to our local market of Perth, and we wanted to change that.

Sure, there’s marketing news sites, but that’s not our focus.

And we found plenty of marketing company blogs, but they’re spread out, and focus on their areas of expertise (naturally) so we concluded there’s not really a resource for discussing Perth Marketing from the POV of a Perth marketer.

Until now.

If you’re an Australian marketer – we’d love for you to get involved!

Visit TheMarketer.News and sign up, follow us on Facebook and Instagram while we finalise some content specifically for YOU.

There’ll be articles, discussions and maybe even some get-togethers in the future.

We’ll be guided by you, and where and how far you want to take us.