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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest (No Matter What Your Business Is)

Guest Blog By Reeva Cutting

Many businesses are missing out on the powerful impact a Pinterest account can have.

With over 250 million active users (according to Pinterest themselves), you shouldn’t ignore Pinterest any longer.

Here are just a few reasons why you should be using Pinterest (no matter what your business is).

Pinterest Is A Search Engine

You might think that Pinterest is a social media platform, but really it’s a whole search engine of its own.

Think about it – what do you do on Pinterest? You search for stuff, whether it’s holiday destinations, home reno ideas or cupcake decoration inspiration.

We all work so hard to be found on search engines like Google, so why not also focus on ranking well on Pinterest?

Reach Your Audience

With over 250 million users, chances are your audience is using Pinterest.

With a business account on Pinterest you can find out when your audience is online and what content they are most engaged with, helping you decide what and when to pin.

Long Term Shelf Life

Pins have a long term shelf life.

Unlike other social media channels, where it can be really hard to go back and find content you saw previously, Pinterest makes it easy for people to search for and save content, as well as share it.

Users Want To Connect With Brands

Pinterest is one of the few social media channels where people actually want to engage with and hear from brands.

It’s getting harder and harder for businesses to be seen on social media without paying to play, but Pinterest makes it a lot easier for users to engage with brands, if you optimise your pins well in the first place.

People Buy From Pinterest

It’s been found that people do buy products and services because of Pinterest.

This blog from Pinterest talks about what they discovered when they commissioned research firms db5 and Colloquial Insights.

It includes facts like:

      • 52% said they create boards or search for cars they want to buy
      • 40% create boards for beauty products they want to buy
      • 86% of respondents said they were in the market for at least one financial service
      • 42% of respondents purchase ingredients for recipes found on Pinterest
      • 46% create boards for products they want to buy or receive as gifts
      • 68% create boards for places they want to visit, and 46% look for hotels and other lodging for upcoming vacations

Referral Traffic Is Good

If used well, Pinterest can drive a whole heap of referral traffic to your website.

And getting people to your website is one of the first steps they need to take before they buy from you.

To check your referral traffic, head to Google Analytics, then click on Acquisition / All Traffic / Referral Traffic.

Once you start using Pinterest for your business, check in with this metric regularly, and you’ll likely be pretty pleased with the upward curve of referral traffic from Pinterest.

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