My Digital Marketing ABCs

Digital Marketing Tips

I’ve been posting some alphabetised Digital Marketing tips on my Social Media channels, and I thought I should share them here too! If you’re learning how to better harness the power of Digital Marketing for your business you might find some info here that’ll help you.


As promised I'm going to be posting a daily alphabetised Digital Marketing tip. Stay tuned and let me know any feedback in the comments 🙂

Gepostet von Carma The Social Chameleon am Montag, 29. Mai 2017

My Digital Marketing ABCs

I wanted the main takeaway from this series of posts to be that your marketing benefits from being connected. Social Media is extremely effective, but it can’t do all the heavy lifting alone.

Use Social Media to grow your email database, use SEO to get your website found, and Remarketing to increase conversions. Leverage reviews, implement quizzes, and make sure to entertain and educate your audience so they connect with you. Customer loyalty is very important, especially in competitive niches, and you want to give people a reason to stick with you.

If you keep your customer avatar in mind with everything you do you’re bound to see results! Make your focus how you can help your audience. What do they need, how can you make their life better?

There’s really no stopping you if you get all your Digital Marketing singing the same tune! And remember if you need any help you can take a look at my services on this page.

I hope you enjoy the series – and as usual I’d love your feedback!