Tools of the trade

You need the right tool for the job – and I have some favourites I’m going to share with you. Stuff like browser extensions, apps and tech that I use to make my life easier as a Social Media Marketer.

I’ll keep adding bits here, so check back as right now it’s a bit of a WIP (aren’t we all?)

Design Tools

One of my go-to tools is Canva!

I’ve used it for about 5 years and it just keeps getting better and better – especially the Pro version. It’s very affordable and simple to use.

Keep your feeds on brand with templates, uploaded brand fonts and styles. You can now do video editing (basic) and add music, animations and there’s even a background eraser that works with one click!

If you need to DIY designs for your Social Media posts, cover photos, profile pics, Story Highlight Covers and more then I don’t think there’s a better tool out there.

If you have a free account and want to upgrade to Pro, it’s definitely worth it.

Browser Extensions

I use a lot of (Chrome) browser extensions to make my life easier, and one I literally could NOT live without is Clipboard History Pro.

What does it do?

Have you ever pasted and the desired result wasn’t the last thing you copied, but the thing before?

Allllll the time, right?

Not anymore!

Clipboard History will keep all your copies for later pasting.

You can make important ones your favourites too. It’s a genius way to save time when a lot of copy pasting is needed.